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This company provides design and builds solutions to multinational companies which have a representative office in Asia. The company also undertakes commercial projects for listed companies. The company runs its operations and attends to its clients from its bases in Malaysia and Singapore.


The company biggest day-to-day compulsion starts from CAD operators. After producing project initiation of CAD plan drawings, it will be submitted to an account manager. The account manager will in turn share the plan drawing with clients during his/her pitching session. Once the project receives its approval, there will be at least 50-60 various plan drawings exchanging hands between various parties, including the project manager to site supervisors and the stakeholders, the account manager and project administrators.

This process of exchanging drawings is very time consuming and causes hundreds of pages of plans being printed daily until the completion of the project. We conclude this as a waste. It is a waste of time and resources with would still eventually lead to numerous communication breakdowns between the project stakeholder and the company.


To address the issue, we have decided to develop a web-based project management suite to integrate and streamline CAD plan drawings between various departments within the company and the stakeholder. The web based project management suite will also be used to ease communication and paper trail between all the departments within the company.


It only took two months for Serantau Advisory to design and develop the web based project management suite. The suite redefines the maneuver of the company’s project communication and CAD plan drawings processes within the company. The web based project management suite powered parallel behind the company like any other ordinary website. It came into operation in 2011. For the first time, the company project team was provided with an integrated system that can save long hours spent in circulating project documents and CAD plan drawings. The documents and drawings can be viewed, edited and given remarks using laptops, tablet computers and smartphones instantly within a minute after it was uploaded. Not only does it save time, the project management suite also improves the accessibility of the documents and drawings.


The company realizes that savings made in time and papers used can also lead to the reduction of carbon footprint and thus, making the company ‘greener’ and more environmentally friendly. Operating cost was also meaningfully reduced via the web based project management suite.

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