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Where We Can Assist

At Serantau Advisory, we are driven by client service, teamwork, and mutual success. Our consultants are committed to understanding your unique challenges and presenting specialised solutions that help you reach your goals. We offer a full scope of consulting in business processes to management issues in various industries.

Management Consultancy

Serantau Advisory work with small to large enterprises, businesses, and government agencies to create and deliver the essential competitive advantage they need through critical junctures in their business.

Company Finances

The company finances are concerned with various forms of company financing and the different aspects of re-organising a company with the ownership structure.

Executive Education

Serantau ExecEDU™ has twenty years of experience developing and executing specialised corporate education for small-medium enterprises (SMEs), listed to large multi-national organisations, including government-linked companies and financial institutions. Serantau ExecEDU’s programmes are delivered through a mutual partnership with Kognifi Sdn Bhd. 

Web Technology

Our web development services executed through a partnership with Serantau WebTECH™ consist of assisting your organisation in growing and automating your business operation processes, drawn from our rich consulting experience.


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