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Serantau ExecEDU™

Serantau ExecEDU™ has twenty years of experience developing and executing specialised corporate education for small-medium enterprises, listed to large multi-national organisations, including government-linked companies and financial institutions.

Serantau Advisory’s entity Serantau ExecEDU™ is a leading provider of Executive Education for large and medium-sized organisations. Serantau ExecEDU™ today delivers a corporate “tool base” management programme that perfectly fits an organisation’s strategic priorities and schedule.

Serantau ExecEDU™ alliances with global universities combine the resources of the world’s leaders in management education to deliver top-quality programmes certified and validated by universities to executives at dedicated campuses.

Serantau ExecEDU™ programmes are available via Open Enrolment and In-Company Solutions in various regional institutions/universities and Kognifi Sdn Bhd. We provide a comprehensive range of programmes tailored to develop strategic decision-making solutions that are strategically fit for the organisation.

Programme for Individuals/Organisations

ESG Practices for Sustainability

2 days I HRD Corp Claimable I Virtual / In-person

Developing an Invincible Business Strategy

3 days I HRD Corp Claimable I Virtual / In-person

New Programmes in 2024

Governance and Ethics

2 days I HRD Corp Claimable I Virtual / In-person

Innovation Strategy (coming soon)

2 days I HRD Corp Claimable I Virtual / In-person


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