Antipodean Coffee

Basic business plan placed Cafe in the right direction

Serantau Advisory assisted Antipodean Coffee with its expansion plan. Together with the business owner, we took a look at their existing model, and reworked the business plan, and it became the corner stone for its outlet expansions.


A leading New Zealand (kiwi) Cafe chain, Antipodean Coffee requested Serantau Advisory to develop an expansion framework. We evaluated several options and came out with a long term growth plan based on value that the Cafe has. And the results is rapid outlet expansion with significant potential return on sales.


Upon careful deliberation among senior partners, following steps were defined:

  • Evaluate existing core competencies and organisation strength.

  • Identified key competitive advantages include comparing other players within the industry

  • Conclude on potential expansion models

  • Detached final expansion model

  • Dry run within the organisation for potential set back

  • Allocate resources and new guidelines for employees

  • Enroot final decision and next step of action


We wrote in a detailed expansion plan, simultaneously added in requirements that comes together with any business plan. This enable Serantau Advisory to draft out higher value added expansion solutions for the cafe chain.


Antipodean Coffee expanded from three outlets in 2013 to eight outlets in 2019.

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