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Executive Director

Ignatius Krishnan

Ignatius Krishnan is a highly motivated professional with a passion for academic teaching and a strong background in corporate consultancy and training. With a wealth of experience behind him, Ignatius has vast experience in governance, compliance, sustainability, strategy, and entrepreneurship.

Ignatius provides ethics and governance consultancy to corporate boards and C-Suite members, focusing on achieving a sustainable and profitable business while strategising the company for better growth. He also provides corporate training in governance, sustainability, and strategy. As a lecturer in management, sustainability, strategy, and entrepreneurship at Sunway College and Monash University, Ignatius is passionate about sharing his expertise with future generations of business leaders.

Ignatius is currently pursuing a PhD in Governance and Sustainable Development at Monash University, a testament to his commitment to academic excellence. He also holds an MBA in International Business from the University of East London. These academic achievements, coupled with his extensive professional experience, equip Ignatius with the necessary knowledge and expertise to guide businesses in navigating today's dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape.


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