Management Consultancy

Serantau Advisory work with small medium enterprises (SME), businesses, government agencies, and organisations to create and deliver the essential competitive advantage they need through critical junctures in their business.

Here are the management areas that we could advise our client in:

ideas Enterprise Strategy
Developing winning strategies that exploit profitable differences from the competition to achieve and sustain breakthrough performance

Organic growth through better customer insights, product and service propositions, pricing, and right marketing initiatives. Growth through acquisition through identification, screening, acquiring and integrating companies to fuel growth in value.

Operational performance coupled with strategies, remodelling, includes process development, manufacturing, sourcing, distribution, supply chain and back office operations, continuous operational performance monitoring and building a culture of accountability.

 Organisation, Leadership & Change
Cultivate better leaders and building stronger teams capable of delivering stakeholder and customer needs and increasing organisational value simultaneously.

 Web Technology
Discipline in enabling business capabilities that involve significant technological elements, include a promising web fronting, coupled with web based ERP and CRM to lead strategic role as an enabler for future organisation success.

We focus on creating a value in an organisation that enables us to bring a different view point to each of the above areas. Regardless of the scale and scope of our involvement, the objective will be the same; to assist an organisation in achieving its results and build lasting capabilities.