Executive Education

Three distinguished services in corporate education. Serantau Advisory has eighteen years of experience in developing and executing specialised corporate education for small medium enterprise, listed to large multi-national organisation, including government linked companies and financial institutions.

desktop Serantau ExecEDU™
Serantau Advisory's entity Serantau ExecEDU™ is a leading provider of Executive Education for large and medium size organisations. Serantau ExecEDU™ today delivers corporate “tool base” management programme that creates tight fit between strategic priorities of an organisations and the programme.

Serantau ExecEDU™ alliances with global universities combines the resources of the world’s leaders in management education to deliver top quality programme certified and validated by universities to executives at dedicated campuses.

Serantau ExecEDU™ programme are made available via Open Enrolment in various regional institutions/universities and through In-Company Solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of programme that can be tailored to develop a strategic decision making solutions that is strategically fit in for the organisation.

Serantau Asset Management
Through a joint venture with our UK partner, Serantau Asset Management aims it to provide collaborative research services, solutions and corporate training. Primary priority is to make a positive difference to community by improving the sustainability and increasing the usefulness of infrastructure and assets.