About Serantau Advisory

Founded in 2002, Serantau Advisory assists organisations in improving their business models, operational processes, and management practices. Our business process reengineering is complemented with backend automation process Business Process Management System (BPMS), while corporate web fronting is built on top of what the client organisation has achieved through Serantau WebTECH.

Working closely with our clients to realise and improve essential company values, we give them a competitive edge. Through the adoption of value-based management, we unlock objectivity, functional ideas, and practical approaches towards building the right operational and management capabilities within the client.

We have nurtured a number of consultants to create and deliver sustainable solutions. We work by supporting our clients with a full implementation plan and guidance throughout the implementation phase.

Serantau Advisory office is in Malaysia and we serve clients across ASEAN countries. Every individual in our company has pledged to be an active member in our local communities and contribute to non-profit organisations.