Business Process Management System (BPMS)

Most organisation processes are completed manually through people. This is manageable if the operations of an organisation is small, however it gets complex when the organisation expands.

Business Process Management System (BPMS) assist in automating almost every operation processes in said organisation. Our BPMS comes with built-in tool that allows you to design, manage, analyse and integrate all critical and relevant processes.

Process Composer: Enables you to visually diagram, model and document business processes by simply drag dropping the required set of activities. Assign resource, calculate the cost to the company, SLA and other important KPI for each activity of the process.

Form Designer: Quickly create and publish rich web forms using drag-and-drop actions in an intuitive web-based design environment.

Work Manager: End users interact with the Work Manager to get their job done, it is more like an inbox of tasks. Here they find a list of pending activities and observe current status of assigned tasks. Create (new case) and delegate tasks to team members for effective collaboration. Receive task alerts via email, message and in Work Manager Interface to never miss a task.

Control Panel: This module feature allows you to define rights to individual users or groups working on the project and to create application parameters such as shift timings and work schedules/calendars.

Business Activity Monitor and Reports (BAM): BAM presents real time graphical status of a process, where you can monitor who carried out a specific activity, when was it completed, what information was passed and what information of the process was modified. These reports are comprehensive, web-based module that allows the design, generation, and access of it securely from virtually anywhere over the web.

Enterprise Integration: Allows multiple configuration possibilities encompassing data and process level integration. This allows processes to seamlessly integrate and leverage upon existing IT infrastructure and associated systems (SAP, UBS, MYOB, etc).