Navigating through the Difficult Economy


This first instalment of Focus Group Series consist of 8 topics addresses preliminary issues that needs immediate attention in any organisation.

WHAT is the programme all about?
NavigatingThroughtheDifficultEconomyBased on compilation of studies conducted through world renowned consultancy firms and top universities across the globe, SERANTAU Executive Education™ together with local and global institutions has drawn out a series of programmes that are essential and much needed, which is crucial to any organisation today. This is to ensure organisation’s sustainability and keeping the organisation moving forward and looking out for avenue to grow.

We call the programme, “Navigating through the Difficult Economy: Keeping Your Organisation Intact”. In this Navigating through the Difficult Economy, there are 8 essential modules or topics; each is carefully engineered to address the important and most crucial aspects, to assist the managers and their organisation during this difficult economy.

The programme subjects are selected after a much thought through process, and having included all the research data’s with multiple dialogues with various top faculty members across the globe. These modules are delivered by 8 handpicked top consultants and faculty members from various renowned global institutions.

By subscribing through this programme, an organisation can look at spending within the limited training budget, sustaining their workforce, working capital and achieving growth at the same time.

For WHOM is the programme suitable?
This programme comes with eight modules. Each module is designed for senior managers or managers who are heading their respective departments or business unit.

DURATION of the programme?
Module 1 – Review Your Current Business Model; 3 days
Module 2 – Keeping Working Capital & Cash Flow Positive; 4 days
Module 3 – Operating in a Lean Way; 3 days
Module 4 – HR Role in Enhancing Human Capital; 3 days
Module 5 – Achieving Strategic Growth; 5 days
Module 6 – Pricing Product & Services; 3 days
Module 7 – Strategic Sales; 4 days
Module 8 – Marketing in the Difficult Economy; 3 days

Total = 28 days / 8 Modules

WHEN is the programme taking place?
This programme is only made available through in-company solutions (ICS).

Your NEXT Step?
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