Biology in Leading Economic Corridor


WHAT is the initiative all about?
BiologyInLeadingEconomicCorridorThe “Biology in Leading Economic Corridor” thrust assist the governing body in developing and sustaining great economic corridor development by fundamentally changing the way we approach development opportunities.

The thrust offers a proactive, facilitated process that bridges together all interested parties – governing leaders, investors, developers, and neighbourhood community interests. Through rapid focus group discussion and hands on experiences, we learn, discuss, analyse, and grow to understand market realities that face a particular corridor development – all before any concrete proposal is implemented and/or submitted to the final governing agency.

Our Implementation Model?
The “Biology in Leading Economic Corridor” is based on the belief that economic corridor development projects enjoy their greatest success when all interested parties have an equal voice in the outcomes.

An advisory group on human capital development comprising of elected representatives, community leaders, Serantau Advisory's consultants, and respective university academicians shall be formed to oversee the development and execution of the proposed thrust in 3 dimensions. A typical initiative lasts between 2 to 3 years.

The advisory group works with a technical team to identify key issues, aggregate current planning reports and studies, and propose specific opportunity sites to be explored for development opportunities. The group is also responsible for:

{zen-table-o}{/zen-table-o} designing and guiding a series of focus group discussions, in the form of workshops for corridor senior personnel, the investors and the community
{zen-table-o}{/zen-table-o} developing an outreach and communication strategy to the community
{zen-table-o}{/zen-table-o} review and recommend further human capital developments through the “Biology in Leading Economic Corridor” initiatives
{zen-table-o}{/zen-table-o} identify, propose and implement any other suitable human capital development programmes or initiatives in line with the requirement of corridor

Your NEXT Step?
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