3e Training & Education

3e Training & Education is a company which provides training and solutions for marginalised people including migrants. Selective programmes are also delivered for profitable organisations.

To house all the basic necessities into a single website to fulfil the objectives of 3eT&E.

Focus Group is used to scale down the content volume to more specific information that is just nice for a web front.

An open source content management system (CMS) is used to provide the right backend support for the website. This is done together with stalled down content that matches the needs in having the right information at the front end.

The website was added with an online event management tool which looks after all the necessary online programme sales. The website also comes with a few basic blogs to furnish the industry on the upcoming and latest industry updates.

A website that houses the right amount of content for a company that provides training & solutions for both the social front end and general corporate organisations.