Antipodean Coffee HK

Antipodean Coffee Hong Kong is a unit of Antipodean Cafe, which specialises in their coffee roastery business. This Hong Kong unit distributes roasted fresh coffee beans to cafes, hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China.

To provide adequate information to the right cafes and restaurant owners on the high quality coffee beans that are available through the Hong Kong roastery. Shipment of the coffee beans are from Merdeka Coffee - a coffee company who practices responsible growth and fair trade coffee distribution.

A clear distinctive website that speaks clearly on the roastery business. Antipodean Coffee already have five other coffee websites that house coffee machines, the cafe itself, the coffee beans, and a knowledge management system.

A more rigorous website with a full e-commerce functionality. The website displays information pertaining to coffee roastery, and information that are needed by coffee bean buyers both at Hong Kong and abroad.

In addition to the establishment of a much needed roastery information, Antipodean Coffee is now armed with a uniquely-customised website which was designed to promote their high quality, both green and roaster coffee beans across Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China.