Josens for Your Health is focused in distributing clean Spirulina powder. The company has their own manufacturing operation in Malaysia. Products are marketed and distributed across the regions.

Josens has three types of customers. First, ordinary customers who do their transaction online. These customers keep their data online, including referral data. What is most important, they get to earn extra money from all their referrals, including up to three tiers of downlines. Second type of customers are partners. Partners who subscribe and sell their products. And third, stockists, who sell the products physically at their brick and mortar outlet. The challenge lies in the need for us to automate all three processes.

Focus groups provided sufficient qualitative data. This was added with the physical quantitative data from other successful websites. With these data we draw out the actual content for Josens.

Serantau WebTECH took up significantly most of the time working together with Serantau Advisory team. The team developed a clear and practical approach by:

+ setting up a direct marketing platform to support Josens’s regular customers. This platform was carefully crafted out while adhering to the government’s regulation. Customers’ transaction data and referrals’ information are measured through this system.
+ setting up a partnership platform to assist Josens's partners in selling the products.
+ setting up a stockist platform with integrated location maps to assist consumers in locating the physical shop.

Website was built using open source Content Management System (CMS) which included a customised e-commerce platform to sell and monitor online transactions.

The strategy worked well, Josens is now armed with fully automated backend system where the company can serve and monitor their customers, partners and stockists. The system is also put in place together with an improved content display , with newer content added into the website.